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Cement and Mining sector, based on many years of experience in turnkey, electrical, automation and IT projects are carried out;
Raw Material Crushing and Pressing Units
Vertical-Horizontal Farin, Cement and Coal Mills
Rotary Kiln and Cooling Units
Packaging and Silo Systems
Raw Material and Product Transfer Systems
Manufacturing ERP Integration (SAP, Oracle, etc.).
Energy Management and Monitoring Systems
ERP System Integrated Automated Sales and Delivery Systems
Concrete Plant Automation and ERP Integration


What is RFID?

  • Identifies the carrier with electromagnetic waves.
  • Each tag can be associated with a license plate.
  • Passive tags do not need an energy source.
  • A tag can identify a vehicle uniquely.


Yari Aktif RFID Tagi

Semi-Active RFID Tag


Yarı Aktıf Heavy Duty Tag

Heavy Duty RFID Tag


RFID Reader

RFID Reader


RFID Okuyucu Önünde Kamyon

RFID Reader(Near middle of the truck)


Application Areas in Automation

  • Monitoring vehicle entrance to and exit from a factory and association of the tag with license plate and deadweight of the vehicle.
  • Directing vehicle driver with an LED display showing which silo to load material form according to customer orders.
  • Automatically printing waybill for a vehicle on exit.(No human intervention.)
  • Controlling feed access for live stock, RFID as a key to automatic feeder.




 • Dry or Wet Type Concrete Plant Turnkey
 • Installation of MCC and Mimic Panel
 • Cable Pan and Cable Assembly
 • Detailed Inventory Tracking
 • Detailed listing of Production Reports
 • Automatic and manual operating options
 • Detailed electric projects and program user manual
 • Customer Training
 • Monitoring of the production details of the graphical environment with animations
 • Instant detailed reports about system failures and historical system failures
 • Sensitive and accurate dosing
 • Remote Service Support
 • 2-year system warranty
 • Regular service and maintenance services and after-sales support 

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