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DELTA PROSES commissioned Turkey's most prestigious tunnels in İstanbul, Kağıthane - Piyalepaşa and Bomonti - Dolmabahçe tunnels with all electrical and automation systems, Sarıyer - Çayırbaşı tunnel has signed an agreement for the entire electrical and automation works. Turkey's longest and most high-density urban traffic tunnels, using advanced technology equipment and software is controlled. Turkey and Europe in terms of reliability and user comfort of the tunnel between the tunnels is a candidate to take part.
All sub-control systems located within the tunnel, the tunnel Local Control Center and Control Center located in the tunnel can be monitored and controlled via SCADA.
The sub-systems within the tunnel and control systems, the following occurs:
  • Tunnel Ventilation System
  • Tunnel Lighting System
  • LV and MV Power Distribution System
  • UPS and Generator Emergency Power Systems
  • Fire detection and extinguishing system,
  • Camera Monitoring System in and out of the tunnel,
  • Event Detection System
  • Tunnel Traffic Control System
  • Variable speed control signs and traffic lane
  • Variable message signs
  • Vehicle count and classification done,
  • Tunnel radio
  • SOS Emergency Telephone System
  • Tunnel Safety Equipment
  • Meteorological Monitoring Systems

Kontrol Merkezi


Automation Systems Tunnel, the tunnel is designed to be provided within the business 100% safety and accuracy. The control system in accordance with changing conditions, all sub-systems are always guaranteed to reach the desired conditions. 

SCADA System 

  • Server / Client Architecture 
  • Advanced Monitoring and Control Screen 
  • All sub-systems for fast and reliable communication infrastructure 
  • The control system based on detailed reporting 
  • Event-based automated work scenarios 

PLC System 

  • Redundant Master PLC 
  • PLC stations belonging to each sub-control unit. 
  • Master of all the scenarios on the implementation of PLCs. In case of failure of communication with PLC control system to ensure sub-system 
  • Broad and strong communication support. 

Tunnel Ventilation System 

  • Ventilation Fans Local / Remote control operating modes 
  • Ventilation Equipment Measuring Equipment Monitoring (CO, CO2, NO2, visibility, wind speed and direction, Vibration Sensor, etc.). 
  • Meteorological Data Monitoring System 
  • Tunnel in the provision of Air Quality 
  • Implementation scenarios for tunnel closure in cases of extreme pollution inside tunnel 

Tunnel Lighting System 

  • Lighting System, Local / Remote control 
  • Values of internal and external monitoring of the tunnel lüminansmetre 
  • Time-based operation control and lüminansmetre 
  • Emergency, traffic density, fire mode operation scenarios 
  • Uninterrupted continuous lighting 


  • LV and MV Power Distribution Systems 
  • Monitoring MV Cells 
  • LV Distribution Panels to monitor and control 
  • All distribution points to monitor and control energy data 
  • Transformers - Generators - KGS and so on. power monitoring and control of resources 
  • Emergency load shedding control feeds 
  • Uninterrupted continuous energy 


  • Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems 
  • Monitoring of fire suppression and detection equipment inside the tunnel 
  • Tunnel control and electrical rooms, fire detection 
  • Linear Fire Detection System Monitoring 
  • Implementation of Automatic Fire scenario 
  • Fire Pump, Circulation Pump Control and Monitoring System 

Traffic and Surveillance Systems 

  • Monitoring cameras 
  • Variable Message Signs and traffic in and out of the tunnel the tunnel control 
  • Vehicle counting and classification systems, monitoring and implementation of automation scenarios 
  • SOS emergency phones to monitor the 
  • Control and monitoring of the tunnel in the spring and vehicle security gates 
  • Meteorological data, monitoring and automation system implementation scenarios 

Istanbul Municipality "Bomonti-Dolmabahçe" Tunnel

Istanbul Municipality "Kağıthane-Piyalepaşa" Tunnel

Georgia State Gori City Highway Tunnel Electromechanical Works

Istanbul Municipality "Sarıyer-Çayırbaşı" Tunnel

Georgia State Gori City Highway Tunnel Electromechanical Works

Turkish Highway State Administration Hopa Cankurtaran Road Tunnel of 6500 meters

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