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Engineering, design and construction of Electrical Panels are carried out in DELTA PROSES factory in Çiğli Atatürk Industrial Zone. DELTA PROSES is the global technology solution partner of SIEMENS A.G. in terms of Siemens building of Sivacon S8 and S4 Series for both widthdrawable and fixed type cabinets. Electrical cabinet design and drawings are generated by Siemens Simaris software. Installation crew build the panels as per latest generated version of project drawings. A final test crew, containing engineers and technicians make the hook up connection tests. Any discrepancies get corrected by the installation crew, and finally all panels get ready for the shipment.

Depending on the project, all electrical panels up to 6300 Amps, 100KA Form4B can be designed and construct by DELTA PROSES.

Provided Services;

  • Main Distribution Panels
  • Widhdrawable / Fixed MCC Panels
  • PLC Panels
  • Compensation Panels

Some Examples fromt he Projects Performed;

Saint Gobain Weber Inc.Izmir Factory

Abalıoğlu - Turgutlu 120 t/h Feed Factory

Denizli City Water Distribution Network Project

Gümüşdoğa Su Ürünleri Inc.Feed Factory 2nd Phase Electrical & Automation Works

CP Standard Feed Inc. Hayrabolu Feed Factory

Saray Holding Greeneco Jes3 Geothermal Power Plant

Denizli Feed Inc.Feed Factory Automation

CP Standard Feed Inc. Ankara Feed Factory

Turkish Highway State Administration Hopa Cankurtaran Road Tunnel of 6500 meters

Nuh Cement Inc. Truck Forwarding System Automation

Ford Otosam F-tek Automation - Seta Eng.

Saray Holding Greeneco Jes2 Geothermal Power Plant

Eriş Feed Co.Inc. Full Factory and Truck Consignment Automation

AGROMEY Water Products Co. 's New Extruder Fish Feed Factory

İSKİ (İstanbul State Water Administration) Osmaniye Drinking Water Purification Plant

Sunar Özlem Food Inc.Feed Factory Elc.&Automation Works

Çelikler Holding Jes2 24MWatt Geothermal Power Plant

Ayyem Agriculture Inc.Feed Factory 2nd Phase

Menderes Geothermal Inc.17MW Power Plant Turnkey Electrical & Automation Works

SANKO JES 1 Geothermal Power Plant

Georgia State Gori City Highway Tunnel Electromechanical Works

Tavaş Feed Inc.Turnkey Electrical & Automation Works

SANKO JES 2 Geothermal Power Plant

ÇİMENTAŞ INC. RFID utilized Automated Product Forwarding System

Turkerler Geothermal Plant Turnkey MV-LV and DCS Control System Works

SANKO JES 3 Geothermal Power Plant & 154 kV Sub Station

Batıçim Cement Inc. Factory Automation

Sütaş Karacabey & Aksaray Factories Automation System


Georgia State Gori City Highway Tunnel Electromechanical Works

Polinas Chemical Inc. Raw Material Dosing System

ORMAT Domestic Turbine speed control system

Akçansa Dispatch System Automation

Turkish Ground Forces Energy Monitoring and Management System

Domestic Turbine speed control system

Batıçim Cement Vertical Mill and Kalker Press Automation and PLC Panel Construction

KILIÇ Inc.Factory Electrical & Instrumentation & Automation Works

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