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Water sector is one of the main business branches of DELTA PROSES. Since its establishment, the company has implemented many big scale water projects both at home and abroad.

We can divide the water solutions offered by DELTA PROSES into three main groups;

  • City drinkable water distribution systems for municipalities
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • De-salination facilities

In city drinking water distribution systems; After the water coming from the water source and to be distributed to the city is filtered, its turbidity and ppm values are constantly checked, the appropriate amount of chlorine is dosed and delivered to water pumping centers located in various locations of the city. Instant control of the values received from all instruments in this system and control of all pumps are carried out by the plc-scada system. Distributed Water pumping stations are controlled by RTUs and all collected datas are sent to Central Scada System via GSM communication.

In wastewater treatment facilities, the sewage collected from the city is purified through various processes and turned into clear water. Marine pollution caused by domestic waste is completely prevented.

De-salination facilities play a life-saving role in regions poor in natural fresh water resources. Water drawn from the sea through pipes is completely purified from salt by passing through various filtration systems. The water, purified from bacteria by ultraviolet light, becomes ready for domestic use after the appropriate amount of chlorine is dosed into it and is sent to the city drinking water network.


Libya 9 Bicom Waste Water Treatment Plant

Denizli City Water Distribution Network Project

TEDAGUA DJIBOUTI Sea water desalination project

Libya-El Beida City Waste Water Treatment Plant

İSKİ (İstanbul State Water Administration) Osmaniye Drinking Water Purification Plant


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