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DELTA PROSES provides the feed sector with MECHANICAL, ENERGY and PROCESS applications with high technology industrial automation and traceability solutions for increasing production quality and efficiency. As the leader of the sector in Turkey, DELTA PROSES provides the best engineering solutions to its partners.

Following solutions are provided for feed plants.

  • Truck entrance weighbridge
  • R/M and product transfer systems
  • Macrodosing and microdosing systems.
  • Feed Mills, Crushers and Mixer systems.
  • Pellet Mill and Expanding Pellet Mill systems.
  • Extruder, Dryer and Vaccuum Oil Coating systems for fish feed.
  • Fully automatic single/double packaging machine
  • Fully automatic bigbag packaging machine
  • Automatic formula/ration preparation and transfer
  • Integrated laboratory module
  • ERP and MES integrations
  • Web-based kontrol and monitoring systems.
  • Electric, energy and communication solutions.
  • Steel Silo Heat Monitoring and Control systems.
  • Energy management and monitoring systems.
  • Fire Detection Systems

Dealing Policy Providing our customers with the cutting-edge technology solutions and with best prices too.

Engineering Our engineering experience realizes in the form of necessary products and solutions for the segment.

Technical Support Guaranteeing sustained development for our customers with exquisite after-sales technical customer support.

Consultation Providing information and value to new customer entering the sector by our experienced technical staff.

Project Planning Detailed project planning services for mechanical and electrical automation aspects.

Design - Application - Education - After Sales Support Providing relentless technical support to our customers for 100% customer satisfaction.


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