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DELTA PROSES has completed many Coal Fired Thermal Plant Projects and Geothermal Power Plant Projects on EPC basis, varying from 13 MWh to 350 MWh energy output capacity. Our company has extensive know-how for plant automation and electrical system design of Power Plants.

Parallel to growth has become an energy policy of our country for many years, in particular, energy production is increasing by using renewable energy sources. Geothermal energy among renewable energy sources has started to stand out with low operating costs and high yield and production.

DELTA PROSES is one of the leading EPC contractor company for the geothermal energy sector in our country. It is the most experienced and know-how in the sector with its geothermal power plants projects which are completed in turnkey.

The general scope of work is; The electrical system design, achieving of ministry permits, LW-MV system field installation, electrical & instrumentation supply and site installation, building of PLC-DCS panels, DCS-SCADA programming and commissioning phases are made by one-hand by Delta Proses.

The power plants made by Delta Proses work with high energy yield and high order. Stance times have been minimized. Production wells operate precisely automatically, no human intervention. All data in the BOP section is collected, processed and reported.

The control system of the power plants is made with PCS7, the highest platform of Siemens. The PCS7 DCS system, is a much higher version of PLC. Thanks to standardized Siemens PCS7 DCS engineering software and hardware system; the operator personnel who have basic technical knowledge can easily operate and monitor the system via Scada. In our Scada system Operator can track the working parameters (inputs and outputs) of each single equipments via pop-up screens. Alarms, trends and historical datas can easily be achieved. Operator user access levels can be set as desired anytime. Efficiency figures and trends of the plant electricity production is seen by pre-engineered reports.

DELTA PROSES also is remarkably capable of making the control system of Turbine Speed Control System for smooth operation and synchronization to interconnecting system of the Turbine as well as the whole BOP (Balance of plant) for both Coal Fired Thermal and Geothermal Power plants.

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