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Çelikler Holding Jes2 24MWatt Geothermal Power Plant


The contract for the construction of the electrical and automation projects of Aydın Sultanhisar Jes2 Geothermal Power Plant belonging to Çelikler Holding which is one of the biggest of Turkey in the field of contracting and energy production was signed by DELTA PROSES and the field works started. When the power plant is complete, it will generate electricity at 24 Megawatt power. The system will have 2 production and 3 re-injection wells. The plant is designed with a binary system that will work with the ORC (Organic Rankin Cycle principle), and 106.000 direct man hours have been calculated within the DELTA PROSES scope of work until the project is completed and field works are planned so that the plant will be completed in record time and taken into operation in February 2018.

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